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Missing posted messages



This message is really for someone at Authorize.NET, ideally for someone who is a mod on this forum.


I've recently posted two different messages in the main support forum, and both of them disappeared. They are both in regards to problems with DPM postbacks, simply seeking some tech support and both were related to prior similar posts from other users.


My profile says that I've posted three messages, but only one appears, which is a comment on someone else's post.


Are my posts being silently removed? If so, that would be rather alarming since I'm simply asking for some technical support.

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Re: Missing posted messages

Hello @bitforge


We have a policy of never deleting messages, and we only hide messages if they are in violation of our terms of service.


I sent you a private message with some suggestions on how to help us troubleshoot your issue.



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Re: Missing posted messages

Thanks, @RichardH! Confirming, you did follow up via PM, much appreciated.

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Re: Missing posted messages

Right, I also received a private letter about this problem.