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Why the latest version of iOS has gained value added importance?

Apple has sustained to focus on its end users rapidly increasing demands and dynamic needs with the launch of iOS 11 but moreover, the company experts have undoubtedly brought considerable transformation to the official app store in regard of bringing them optimized results. The majority of iOS app developers now agree that they have encountered a significant rise in the overall market competition within a very short period of time and it has now emerged as a much more difficult task to attain stronger app rankings and user conversion rate.


There are numerous dynamic changes that Apple experts have brought to its existing version of the iOS mobile platform. Either we mention the various newly added heading and animated effects or the newly introduced set of features to its extensive range of utility apps and the entire app store, the all-new iOS 11 has been completely transformed into a whole new package of value-added place that is beneficial for both the users and app providers. Source:

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Re: Why the latest version of iOS has gained value added importance?

In fairness to Apple this one was necessary. After months of badly rushed (and problematic) iOS updates, the release of iOS 11.2.2 is timely because it addresses a serious vulnerability on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. But does iOS 11.2.2 cause any new problems which mean you shouldn’t upgrade?