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ARB Refund
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Hello All,


I need a help in handling ARB refund reuqest. I know that ARB does not have refunds and we need to initiate a refund request as an individual tranasction through AIM.


Here is the problem I'm facing in understanding the Credit(refund)  transaction of


I have a scenario like this.


1. User will subscribe to a video for a period of 1 month/6 months/12 months(1 year)  which is recursive. i.e  his credit card will be charged automatically every period of the subscription. This recurring subscription is forever i.e no of occurances will be set to 9999.


2. The user may cancel his ARB subscription at any time in future. Then I would like to give user a grace period of 3 days. i.e if the user has subscribed to 1 month package and after 3rd or 4th month if he would like to cancel subscription and requests for cancellation then


i)  suppose the next billing date was on 09-07-2011 and he requested for cancellation on 12-07-2011 then I would like to refund the total amount of subscription for that period for which his credit card  was already debited on 09-07-2011


ii) if he requested cancellation after 3 days of the grace period then, I'll not refund anything but just cancel his ARB subscription, so that his CC will not be charged for next set of interval.


Please advise me how to do this,  I'm struck becuase I'm quite confused with the's restriction of only handling the refunds of those tranactions which are 120 days old.


In ARB recurring subscription what exactly transaction start date refers to? the initial tranasction start date or the tranasction cycle's start date( i.e next billing date).


Please help me out





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