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Re: Getting transaction details

I'm working towards making more of an official document for defining these fields, but I thought I would post what I have so far:


BasicTransaction Statuses

I don't think these statuses need any further explanation, but let me know if I'm mistaken.

  • authorizedPendingCapture
  • capturedPendingSettlement
  • refundPendingSettlement
  • settledSuccessfully
  • refundSettledSuccessfully
  • voided
  • expired
  • declined

Fraud Detection Suite (FDS or AFDS) Specific Responses

Both of these statuses indicate that a transaction is pending manual review by the merchant.

  • FDSPendingReview
  • FDSAuthorizedPendingReview

eCheck Specific Responses

  • underReview - Under manual review, will be approved or declined.
  • failedReview - Final status of a transaction that fails review.
  • returnedItem - This will not show on an original transaction, but eCheck returns generate their own transactions with this status.

Other Errors

  • communicationError - An individual transaction was rejected by the processor.  This is a final transaction status.
  • settlementError - A day's batch was rejected by the processor.  This status is not final.  The merchant should try to recover the batch.
  • General Error - This is a catch-all status for any transaction status that is not otherwise defined.

Transitional Transaction Statuses

These transaction statuses occur only as a transaction is taking place.  They should not be returned by the Transaction Details API.

  • couldNotVoid
  • approvedReview

Legacy Statuses

These transaction statuses relate to services that we have not offered for over 3 years.  Because an Authorize.Net merchant account stores only 2-3 years of history, you will not see these statuses actually returned in any normal operation.

  • pendingFinalSettlement
  • pendingSettlement
  • updatingSettlement
  • chargeback
  • chargebackReversal
  • authorizedPendingRelease


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