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ARBGetSubscriptionStatus Always Returns 'active' in the sandbox

Hi all,


I'm working with ARB and am having trouble with ARBGetSubscriptionStatus.


I'd like to be able to confirm that subscriptions are up to date.


According to the ARB Soap Guide I should be able to check the status field on ARBGetSubscriptionStatusResponse with possible values of active, expired, suspended, canceled, and terminated.


In testing using the sandbox I am always receiving 'active'.

I am using the CSharp_ARB sample code and everything is working as expected except the call to ARBGetSubscriptionStatus.


Thinking that maybe there was a processing time, I have inserted a Console.ReadKey() so that the Authorize.Net servers have a chance to process the cancellation call (which occurs directly before the GetSubscriptionStatus call) but I still receive 'active'.

I have checked by logging in to the console on the sandbox website and the subscription status shows 'canceled' in the console.  I have even hard-coded a SubscriptionID that was canceled several hours before to confirm that the issue is not an extended processing time (unless it is several hours).


Has anybody else had this issue?  Does the call to ARBGetSubscriptionStatus actually work for anyone?


Any ideas? (Aside from using Silent Post.)


Thanks in advance,


Who Me Too'd this topic