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Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager validationMode liveMode no test transactions.
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When calling the CIM functions CreateCustomerPaymentProfile and UpdateCustomerPaymentProfile on a live account with validationMode set to liveMode CIM profiles are still accepted (no error returned) when Expiration Date, CCV, and/or BillingAddress are incorrect.

From the CIM_XML documentation it states that test transaction will be submitted to the merchant account when the validationMode is set to liveMode and in cases where the validation fails an error will be returned. However, as stated above, no error is returned and the profile is still accepted.Additionally, the validationDirectResponse field returned is empty/null.

It's almost as if validationMode is being ignored completely. Is there anything we need to do to our merchant account in order to avail CIM liveMode validation/test transactions? Are we perhaps forgetting something else besides setting validationMode to liveMode?


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