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DPM PHP Processing times out

Ok, i have searched these forums high and low, tried everything recommended by the wonderful ppl here, but I am still not getting anywhere.


If someone could please help out here, this is the final step in the development process that i need to complete before I can move on with this project. The project is located here: (feel free to register and verify, then login and click on "Add Listing").


I am using a script I got from here: to process the transaction. The script is quick and clean and works perfectly fine when accessed from this url:


When i place the script in my own page with the html markup, it again works fine, until it gets to the relay response part, then I get the script timed out error: 

An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card. 

      This transaction has been approved.
It is advisable for you to contact the merchant to verify that you will receive the product or service.


I have checked the headers: 200 OK

I can pull up the page directly with this url: and it works fine.


I know that Authnet is set to time out after more than 10 seconds, but it acts like it is timing out immediately and not waiting at all.


Thanks in advance for any and all assitance.



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