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Ebay Integration - Help! Authorize.net not an option.

I have registered with Authorize.net and setup an account on ebay.  I went through Site Preferences inputting Transaction Key and API Login information.


When checking out, I deselect the paypal option and select  "Credit Cards" as a buyer payment.  When I go to finalize the auction, it says the below.


Does anyone know what's going on?  Ebay telling me to call Authorize.net, but I have a feeling it's on Ebay's Side. 




"ou can not submit your listing due to the following problems


In order to use the credit card option you need to have both a valid Internet Merchant account and a payment gateway in place to secure the transactions. To find out more about this please review the information on the following page:

At this time the only compatible gateways for use on eBay are Payflow and Authorize.net. If you are ready to setup your payment gateway you will find instruction under “Setting up a payment gateway for your Internet merchant account” on the following page:

Once you have setup your gateway please contact customer support to make the appropriate adjustments to your account to start accepting credit cards.

For complete list of approved gateway companies go to the

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