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AIM and PHP SDK missing currency_code

I'm using the PHP SDK (version 1.1.8) to do an Authorize and Capture.


I'm trying to set the field "currency_code" and get this error:


[15-Mar-2013 08:46:21] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'AuthorizeNetException' with message 'Error: no field currency_code exists in the AIM API.
                To set a custom field use setCustomField('field','value') instead.' in D:\usr\projects\PRCI_pubs\public\pscripts\anet\lib\AuthorizeNetAIM.php:308

A review of the AuthorizeNetAIM class reveals that currency_code is not in the array of $_all_aim_fields.


Is there a reason the currency_code is not implemented in this SDK?



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