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I have seen other posts in the forums which have requested/asked about referencing CIM data in ARB. I believe you currently cannot do this. The past posts seem to indicate that this has been taken up as a feature request by Authorize.Net  as it has been requested very frequently. These posts go back to 2009.


Can anybody let me know if this every got released (or not ) ?


Process is fairly common & simple :-

1. New User Registers on website. Capture subscription renewal option. Gather Credit Card information using hosted CIM. Create the customer profile/payment profile in CIM. 

2. Charge Users credit card at specified renewal frequency  (e.g. monthly) for a fixed amount. Ideally ARB should be used for this. But currently there is no way to refer to the customers CC information via the CustomerPaymentProfile. I would not like to capture & store Users CC information.


In the absence of this, I will have to settle for using CIM and manually calculate schedule for  renewal and then submit the requests for CIM. 


Is it possible to submit batch requests or multiple customer information in a single XML ?


Hope somebody can help me out.



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