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CIM Hosted Page customization??

Hi Team,

Hope all is well.


We are validating the CIM Hosted page scenario.


It works fine but we have few questions regarding UI Display:

  1. How can we hide the Billing / Shipping information when we display the hosted form( Popup)
  2. Can we add any custom fields on this hosted form like Amount/ Invoice number
  3. Once user ADD/ Edit payment method where and how we will get the response back from popup UI.
  4. Can we change the title of button “Save” to “Pay” or “Next” and have that popup closed so we can trigger the payment transaction call from there. Otherwise case please suggest recommended steps to be followed.
  5. Is there any relay URL scenario where user will be redirected to our own payment confirmation page after user adds/edit payment. If yes can we use same index page below for testing it? Please let us know.   Vikas
  6. Regards,
  7. Appreciate your quick response.
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