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(SIM) Akami server changes value in "test_amount" field; old server does not.
Just read the email about switching to Akami, so I thought I'd give it a try. Something weird happened, though. We rely on the original form data posted back to us (relay response with merchant-defined fields) to display a correct invoice. When returning the data from our original form, the Akami server ( is changing a merchant-defined field named "test_amount". It is returning the string "*" instead of the string "123" in the test_amount field I use for testing. The regular server ( is correctly returning the string "123". My expectation is that the Akami server should behave exactly the same as the current server. Until it does, I'm reluctant to switch. Any thoughts about what's going on here? It's been almost 5 years since I had to touch my implementation, but I just downloaded and skimmed the current implementation guide; these capabilities don't seem to have changed. Thanks for any thoughts, Dave
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