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CIM WSDL Breaking Change on 11/3?

Recently (may have been last night, from what I can tell), Authorize.Net inserted a "customerProfileId" field in the WSDL for the CIM CreateCustomerPaymentProfileResponseType. For older clients using the standard svcutil tool provided by the .NET Framework, this causes deserialization of the customerPaymentProfileId field to fail silently (returning zero) because the order of elements in the WSDL has changed.


So I was left scratching my head as to why I was getting an "OK" response but a customerPaymentProfileId of zero. Once I started sniffing the responses over the wire, I noticed the new customerProfileId and noticed that was throwing the .NET serializer off. I'm posting this here in case other folks on .NET are caught off guard by this change. The solution is to simply re-run the tool to update the WSDL to the latest version.

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