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Just want to parse SIM Relay Response with new SDK
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All I want to do is figure out how to use the SDK to parse a Relay Response from a SIM Form submission, but that doesn't seem to be straight forward anymore. Looking for some help, please.


Side Note:


I've developed in PHP for a long time, and worked with the previous versions of the AuthNet SDK and APIs for years, but this new SDK is frankly overwhelming to me. Maybe it's because I'm still not that familiar with using namespaces and still don't see the need to use classes that extend classes that extend classes for everything.


Many files that I open in the v1 directory just refer to parent classes and sometimes don't seem to do anything themselves, and none of them have any real documentation in them. For example, the entire documentation for the class named GetTransactionDetailsRequest is...


Class representing GetTransactionDetailsRequest

Duh, shocker.


I know this is supposed to represent improved code "structure", but is that really the case when it becomes difficult to even discern the overall structure because the code is SO segmented?


Sorry to go on like that. If you can point me in the right direction to get started parsing a SIM Relay Response, I'll pipe down and be happy. :)


Thanks! Fritz



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