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Accept Hosted / Iframe / Cancel Button



We are working on integrating Accept Hosted into our payment environment, and have some questions regarding the cancel button that shows up in the IFrame of the accept hosted page.


1.  What is the intended purpose of the cancel button?  It seems a bit wonky, as any URL we use as a "cancelUrl" will load inside the iFrame.  Where do you envision a "cancel" button taking the user?  What scenario's would this button be beneficial?


2.  When using the iFrame communicator, we can listen for the "cancel" event, but it also loads the cancelUrl in the Iframe as well (and there's no way to avoid loading of the cancelUrl).  Currently we are thinking the "cancel" event will just reload the page.  This just seems odd though, as the user will be flashed with whatever the cancelUrl is before the page refreshes.


3.  Is there any way to hide the cancel button?  


Thank you!

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