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Error 33 - Card Code is required



I am getting this error when trying to create a transaction using a payment profile stored in the CIM.


The steps im following:
- using accept.js to send all the required fields + cardCode (CVV) to
- getting an Accept payment nonce from the response.
- sending the nonce to the server and using it to do a createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest.
- getting and saving the customerPaymentProfileId from this request.
- using the customerPaymentProfileId to do a createTransactionRequest


According to the api reference, the card code is used only for validation and is not stored in the customer profile.

So if  the processor or whoever requires a card code to create a transaction, then the payment payment profiles I have stored in CIM should never work, unless I get the CVV again and send it along with the transactionRequest?


Just want to confirm if this is correct or if there is any way around this problem.

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