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Record cannot be found



I've noticed that in the past there had been several threads on this issue. However i watned to bring this up again. 


We are using the PHP library on our application and did sevearl tests in Sandbox mode, but never saw this error. 


We just move everything into production and we have been seeing this error more often than not. The issue seems to be in line with what others have said, were it happens right after creating a profile then attempting to create the subscription. 


In our case we do this becuase we need to be able to do some verifications on the card prior to allowing the user to continue on. I am aware that we can create a profile at the same time as the subscription is created. 


however considering that this keeps happening in production, are you guys looking ot find a solution to this? i feel that while we have some work arounds, an issue like this should not really exist.



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