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Accept Hosted receipt page styling

Are there any options for styling the Accept Hosted receipt page, outside of those that can be provided in the XML for the getHostedPaymentPageRequest API?  In testing payments and receipts in the Sandbox, I'm not happy with several aspects of the receipt layout, such as the overly large font size, and the fact that it contains grammatical errors like "Thank-you for your business!" (with a pointless dash in between the words "Thank" and "you").  Errors like that make it appear that the receipt was put together by people without a command of English, which not only would make us look bad, but could cause users to worry that they've been redirected to some sort of hacked payment website.


I've tried making changes to the receipt page fonts (at least) in the Account setup, but it appears those settings don't have anything to do with the Accept Hosted pages; the example pages associated with them also bear no resemblance to anything in Accept Hosted.


Please note that we cannot suppress the receipt since we are by necessity using full page redirects to Accept Hosted, rather than using an iframe or a popup.  We are ferventing hoping that suppressing the receipt page with full page redirects will become possible soon, as we would greatly prefer to not see that receipt page at all; but if users are going to be forced to see that receipt page, we would at least like to have it look professional, which the current one does not.

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