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CIM, getCustomerProfileRequest, and duplicate records

I need to know if a payment profile exists for a customer, and create one if it does not.  I do not know ahead of time if the customer profile exists.


Documentation on Duplicate Profile Verification states that a CIM customer profile is unique based on these fields:



Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the getCustomerProfileRequest API call accepts a description parameter, so if we somehow ended up with multiple profiles for the same merchantCustomerId & email (with a different description), a call to getCustomerProfileRequest returns "Multiple records found. Please refine search options."  This leaves me unable to find the proper customerProfileId.


I can call createCustomerProfileRequest with the assumption that no profile exists, but if the customer profile already exists it will give me the profileId in an error message.  While I could extract this profileId and use it to add a new payment profile, I just used the nonce in the call to createCustomerProfileRequest, so it is no longer valid and I no longer have the payment information.

- Is there a way to call getCustomerProfileRequest using the description to ensure I get a result?

- If not, would a best practice be to call createCustomerProfileRequest without the opaqueData nonce, saving it for the subsequent call to createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest?


Any insight is appreciated.  Thank you!

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