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ARB silent post updates but not AIM

I have read both ARB and AIM docs.  I started from and have reviwed the sample code.  I have read blogs. 


I have been successful in getting the ARB subscription to create in my test account and I get a response into a log file via the silent post approach.


My silent post simply dumps a few the $_post values to a log file - very simple and quck, no extended calculations or DB access.


From the the same environment, using the same test account, I also perform  AIM type transactions.  They post/register to the test account as expected.  I also get emails from these AIM transactions as expected.  But these AIM transactions are not seemingly triggering the silent post as I do not get any update in the silent post log file.


Any suggestions?


I would think I have missed a setting someplace to allow AIM's to send silent post updates.





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Re: ARB silent post updates but not AIM


Hi tulanch1,


There could be many reasons that we are not loading your silent post URL. One of the more common scenarios is if you are using an invalid or self-signed SSL certificate on your development site. This would not be validated by us when you are using AIM, so it would explain the discrepancy you are seeing between AIM and Silent Post.

Another common reason is simply that the page is not loading quickly enough. We have a much shorter timeout period for silent post than we do for any of our other APIs.