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Best Response for Customer- AIM

Assuming the credit card transaction is unsuccessful, do you have a recommendation on what message I should display to  the customer?   The customer enters only their first name, last name, card number, expiration date and CCV.  Should I use the Response Reason Text?  Does response_array(2)  provide the same Response Reason Text as "Response Code, Response Reason Code" in all cases?  I created a large case statement containing all the Response Reason Text, but it would be simpler if I use the text from response_array(2).




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Re: Best Response for Customer- AIM

The Response Reason Text is written so that it can be presented to the customer. You can also write custom text for some of the more common responses such as general decline (reason code 2), address mismatch (reason code 27) or card code mismatch (reason code 65). You can use this link as a reference for a complete list of error codes.