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CCV validation in cim


I'm trying to add CCV as part of the validation routine.  In the 'Enhanced Card Code Verification (CCV) Handling Filter ?' section
of thesandbox account,I have the filter enabled and  the "Decline" option selected 'If Card Code value N Does NOT Match'?. 
Now I get this error: Response code: E00003 Message: The CC length is invalid.?  The account actually
seems to have saved which doesn't seem to be right since the transaction didn't go through

1)  Why is the account info being saved but the transaction going through?  Seems to me like it shouldn't save in this case
(this creating a new account when checking out).  We don't want profiles saved unless the ccv is correct as well.

2)  I'm actually just putting in anything for ccv.  Are there any official test credit card numbers that have ccv's that work for


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Re: CCV validation in cim

I could be wrong, but I think a missing card code triggers S and not N. Does Not Match is for when there is a card code entered but it isn't the same as on the card.  Also, see this post for info on card codes that trigger various specific errors while testing: