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How I Login with different credential of Merchant account


I have followed all steps and integrated the sample app. I just go through code and find out that if I change this code 


CreditCard creditCard = CreditCard.createCreditCard();
Calendar expCal = Calendar.getInstance();
expCal.add(Calendar.YEAR, 4);


than I get informaton from client I mean who perchase anything. Now I want that, How I change the Mechant login dynamic. I mean  Where I chage code so that for any transaction I pass merchant login detail. Currently after I login with one merchant I can pay him only. I want to pass Merchant detail dynamic (dynamic login)

I think


authNetObj = AuthNet.getInstance(Environment.SANDBOX,


This line use for login. Any help will be appriciable





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Re: How I Login with different credential of Merchant account

Hello Bhavin,


Could you clarify what you are trying to do with your application.  From your description, it's unclear what business requirements your application needs to satisfy..