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Need help creating Relay Response fpr SIM method after Order


I just ordered & am trying to implement it using the SIM method.  I have read the support guide at the following URL (, and I still have no idea how to implement this!  The only examples it seems to offer are in .asp.

What I'm trying to do is present a form to a user where I collect all of the information we want to store in our database (minus the credit card & exp. date since we don't have SSL).  Then the user will click on a button that says Continue, the info. will be submitted to our database with a Transaction Pending flag, and the user will be transported to the site to submit their credit card number.  Then I would like to use the relay message where a transaction result will be sent back to my site.  Using this, I would like to update the transaction in my database with an authorization number.

I really need code examples on how to do all this.  Does anyone have examples?  Specifically, I need to know how to generate the fingerprint using ColdFusion.  Then I need to know how to send all of the info. from the form to so they can then collect only the credit card information on their server & send back a response.  Finally, I need to know how to code the page that receives the relay response method.

Again, I read the guide & it didn't help & I need CODE EXAMPLES using ColdFusion!!  Please help!

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Re: Need help creating Relay Response fpr SIM method after Order

Sorry don't have any example, but the relay response basically form post the response data to the url that you set.