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ReactNative Support

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I am looking to use solution in my iOS, android and website. All are using react-native and react-native-for-web respectively.


While I failed to see the support for the reactNative, I've come across this old thread:


Above was addressed here by utilizing the webview:


Ideally, I can not use this solution as it creates complex authentication issues on trying to webview for the whole page (our page just does not contain payment portion but many more other app features). We would like to avoid this page split into 2 where payment is separate.


Hence, my question to fellow developers is - has anyone figured out how to overcome this?


Appreciate your pointers a ton.


Thanks much,




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Re: ReactNative Support

Hey kddesai98
Were you able to find any solution for this?
I was reviewing the same thing, and found this repo:
But I'm not sure how to use it.

It should has an API to make request against Authorize and store C.C and all that stuff, but I don't see that in the repo..


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Re: ReactNative Support

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