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Webhook endpoint URL with specific port



We are integrating with SAP Hybris/Customer experience which default works on 9002(https)/9001(http) ports on tomcat server.


First I tried configuring an endpoint with 9002 port and tried to do test the webhook which failed saying unable to ping...., after searching I came to know that webhook supports port 80 and 443.


So for testing purpose created a node application and ran it on port 80. When configured the URL of nodeJS with port 80 the webhook was able to ping and received the notification response.


So apart from me having another node application is there any other alternative so that I can get the webhook response to my Hybris application which is running on a specific port.





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Re: Webhook endpoint URL with specific port



I do not think you will have success using another port. There are services that will route webhooks for you.  There is one service called something like ngrok that will route webhooks to a localhost, and maybe it can work for this too. I would google and see what you come up with.