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where is working accept host php demo example

where are accept host demo pages without cc data?


I would like to test a working PHP sample.


Step 1 to step 3 





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Re: where is working accept host php demo example

1. How do I get demo to run it needs customerid?


2. How would I go direct to payment form bypassing customer id for in demo?


I went back and created a new folder anetdemo with all dowenloaded code


I modified the gethostedpayment.php to hard code the login id and key I did not see any notes on where to update a file that would get loaded into the environamet variable



I went  api reference page form and created a customer id nfor my sandbox id and key


i then ran .../anetdemo/index.php


I now get the login page and whern I entered the customer id 


It gives an error


Here is the response from creating a customer id


"customerProfileId": "1919781552",
"customerPaymentProfileIdList": [
"customerShippingAddressIdList": [],
"validationDirectResponseList": [
"1,1,1,(TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved.,000000,P,0,none,Test transaction for
"messages": {
"resultCode": "Ok",
"message": [
"code": "I00001",
"text": "Successful."



I am not interesrted in requiring customer id since customer may only order service every few years