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AVS and verification

These questions pertain the the .NET API:


1. Does the AVS check happen on the customer fields (address/zip) or the shipping fields (address/zip)?


2. Is the customer address considered to be the billing address?


3. Doesn't the billing addres have to be the same as the shipping address? I was under the impression from shopping on some sites that this needs to be true to prevent fraud.


4. For business credit cards with no First/Last name, should the company name go in the Request.Company field and the cutomer First/Last name be left blank? Will this pass the validation or does name validation only occur on the customer fields?

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Re: AVS and verification

1)on the bill to address, so that the customer address and zip.


3)no. that a business decision that you or your company would make.

4)Yes, just do what make sense.