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x_line_item values

I am submitting itemized order details to make use of the QuickBooks download feature. QB already knows all the details of my products so, I'm only submitting item number and quantity - no name, description or price.

If I submit this:


The test server rejects it.

Are empty values not allowed?


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Re: x_line_item values

Easy way to find out is to submit with values for everything. Could be that it doesn't like line items without a price, since it says that item price must be a positive number.



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Re: x_line_item values

Thanks for the reply. I tried them all...

Trial and error revealed the only field not required is Item Description - all others will return an error from

I must send values for item ID (obviously), item name, itemX quantity, item price (unit cost) and ItemX taxable.


For Quickbooks to accept an IIF file import with this Itemized Order Information, item price is necessary as QB rejects the import if the line item price(s), plus freight and tax don't equal the amount authorized and/or captured, (order total).


What I was figuring was since all my products are set up in QB, all I needed in my IIF file import was each product's UPC (item ID). Simple, but does not work in my case.