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Customer prorile UI Change

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by on ‎12-13-2019 12:19 AM

Hi Authorize Team,

We are adding the customer to the Customer Information Manager option, the details of the customer submitted via the API. After that we are getting the customer information from this API (https://test.authorize.net/customer/manage) So we wanted to customize the UI of the response template. Is it possible to customize the UI of the response template? Is there any other way to customize that UI?

on ‎12-13-2019 12:28 AM





This is the login link for the payment page. Just click on profile page and check, the two sections are displaying (payment informaciton and shipping information). so I just wanted to hide the shipping information section but it is coming from this api (https://test.authorize.net/customer/manage) using some token and i coudn't be able to find the way to hide that section.


So dear autorize team members, can you people or any of the developer here just help me out here that how can i do this.