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Hi there, we absolutely LOVE the new online invoicing feature - its super simple and most importantly, it makes running our business easier!  


Are there plans to add a "recurring" feature - the ability to automatically send the same invoice, to the same person, on a monthly basis?  We have a category of payments that we collect on a monthly basis that having a recurring invoicing feature as part of the new invoicing tool would eliminate the manual re-entry every month.

Webhook for trial transactions

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by swalker2 ‎10-12-2017 01:13 PM - edited ‎10-12-2017 01:14 PM

We get notifications for a normal subscription transaction, but what of the trial transaction? 

Isn't it weird that we have no notifications for this? like it is a ghost transaction. But it exists and we should be notified about it.

Since when you call the getCustomerProfileRequest and it will list all the payment profiles can you please add a field as to which one is the default one?


This would be extremely useful when showing a user a list of all their profiles and which one they have set as default. Otherwise it takes a lot more unecessary coding to show all the payment profiles and then have to determine which one is the default by making additional API calls.

I have a scenario where I'm performing an authorization with a payment nonce, then creating a profile from that successful authorization, and later capturing the authorized amount. This is a nice workflow because I only create a payment profile if the authorization succeeds.


But unfortunately, this workflow is not possible because the authorization is not associated with the payment profile, and doesn't show up under its history. In a scenario where we're using a profile for recurring transactions, it's a big deal to us to have the initial payment in the history.


See this thread for more details as to alternatives that are less ideal.



It'd be very helpful if, when I create a profile from a transaction, if that transaction became the initial transaction in the payment profile's history, and I was able to capture it as though it had been issued from that profile.


Getting a list of transactions for a subscription or merchantCustomerId

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by seskandaryan87 ‎08-16-2017 09:52 AM - edited ‎08-16-2017 09:53 AM

Recently I started implementing ARB on application (using php-sdk) and the implementation went smoothly until I hit a road block. I was not able to pull transactions for a subscription. In fact what, I would really prefer is to use the merchantCustomerId to pull all the transactions for that customer. Both, getting transactions for a subscription or getting transactions for merchantCustomerId, is all implemented on the merchant interface, but we are not able to use it through the API. So i know the integration between ARB and CIM is there, just not exposed to us developers.

I have implemented accept hosted form into iFrame and embeded that iFrame into my main payment page.

Now my payment page has a cancel and previous button itself. so, after integration of accept hosted form there are two cancel button in my page.

We are looking for such a feature by which we can show/hide cancel button in accept hosted payment page.

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Allow customer profile edit from payment form.

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by Shanata ‎04-02-2018 03:09 PM - edited ‎04-02-2018 03:11 PM

Currently we need to two buttons for managing an order payment - create/edit customer profiles and make payment. Why not let the customer get to the edit customer profile from the hosted payment form. Then after initiating a payment, if they don't see the payment option in the profile list or realize expiration date is wrong, etc, they can handle it all without returning to our site, clicking another button to manage profiles, return to our site, and then click to try paying again.


It could be a button on the hosted payment form that brings up the hosted customer profile form and when the customer is done returns to the hosted payment form.



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Allow all payment profiles, not just last 4

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by Shanata on ‎04-02-2018 01:48 PM

Like this forum post, I would like to offer two simple buttons to customer -  manage profile and make payment.




The solution in the post suggested submitting the following idea - "Perhaps if you call the form with a profile ID, it automatically presents the list of saved payment methods to the customer, allowing the customer to pick one, or click a button to enter a new one (either for that transaction or to save in their profile)?"


The current documentation states for the payment form - "When the form is displayed in the browser, the 4 most recent payment profiles for that profile ID will be displayed. The customer can choose between these payment methods or choose to use a new payment method."


Why make this limitation? For the very few customers that we have that would have more than 4 payment profiles, why not a 'more' link and show them all or just show them all in most recently used order? Instead we have to read the payment profiles onto our site just in case the profile the customer wishes to use wasn't in the list. 

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Integrate in Android, iOS and web

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by jigaR123jigar on ‎03-22-2018 09:52 PM


We want to integrate this payment gateway in our project(android, ios and web) as following flow.

one user make payment to other user and here we want to add commission to our admin so payment will be transfer to 2 user from one user at single time.

So its possible with this payment gateway. Please give some guideline and  provide some demo for that.

Thank you.
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Support for Visa Direct

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by expresspotato on ‎03-12-2018 01:40 PM

We wish you would support Visa Direct!

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For the developers if they want to control over showing pay, cancel option, they cannot currently.

When the pay option is clicked, customers are selecting cancel option. But, the form is not cancelling the transaction to proceed. But, customers are not unaware and they are submitting another transaction. More details here.


Can we have the following so that developers can have the option to hide in the form? this helps the merchant customers not to cancel after they click pay.  

<settingValue>{"show": false}</settingValue>


once the pay button is clicked, disable the cancel button so that end-user doesnt have an option to select cancel.




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Hello Authorize.net Community. We have recently implemented the new Accept hosted mobile optimized forms and we wanted to know if anyone has any success in hiding some of the following fields:

- City
- State
- Country
- Phone


Unfortuantely that function the option to show or not show the billing address options and that is by setting the property for hostedPaymentBillingAddressOptions https://developer.authorize.net/api/reference/features/accept_hosted.html#Requesting_a_Token allows us to disable all of the billing fields and our challenge is that we only want to enable the address fields that are required (i.e. Street Address, Zip & Phone). Based on our research and your responses from your forum, it looks like this is not possible. Hopefully your teams can consider these non-required fields as definable options separately in the future.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Best regards,


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For getAUJobDetailsRequest, can you please allow pulling auto updater details on a daily basis instead of a monthly basis? It would be very beneficial for us to have more insight into what changes are being made sooner than the first of the month.





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When a customer profile is created, the payment details are validated by sending through a transaction, if validationMode is set to liveMode. This transaction is not subject to IP address filtering as this cannot be set when creating a customer. This can create a situation where the account can be locked due to the fraud, which should be blocked by IP Address filtering.


See also issue raised here

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There is currently a way to pull up all customer profile IDs, but there exists no way to filter the results by email or customer ID (except by pulling each customer profile individually by the returned IDs, but this would be undesirable given the implications on performance and the number of possible customer profiles). In the CIM we can manually perform a search that searches by customer ID or email. This would be useful to have for the API.

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When the Add a New Payment Method form is displayed, via AuthorizeNetPopup.openAddPaymentPopup(), all fields are initially blank.  Our site has already collected some information in the Billing Information section and we'd rather not burden the customer with entering it again; is there a way to pass information into pre-fill fields on the form?

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we using this scripts, the problem is in production mode it accepts test card details.
and when charge the card it sends transaction id with the error code as I0001 and message as the success.
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For Accept Hosted, when specifying hostedPaymentReturnOptions, there needs to be a way we can construct the url for the GET that includes values returned after successful authcapture in the receipt page.


When specifying name value pairs, we should be allowed to refer to DOM element values as variables and then substituted to construct the URL (and urlencoded) for the Continue button since the elements are present in that same receipt page as the button.


A suggested syntax is as follows:

"settingValue": "{\"url\":\"https://www.mysite.com/continue?invoiceID=[$receiptInvoiceNumber]&receiptID=[$receiptTransactionId]\......"}"


The concept of variables could be generalized for use in other name value pairs as needed.


Thanks for considering.



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Add webhook from profile.js to the hosting web page when saving an added/edited payment profile. Notifying the hosting web page of saving an added / edited payment profile would allow emailing our company when a client adds/edits a payment profile.


Send communication to hosting web page from profile.js function btnSave_onclick when added/edited payment profile saved.  Currently communications are only sent to hosting web page when saving a single edited payment profile.  I'd like to send communication to hosting web page when adding/editing multiple payment profiles.


I'd also like the IFrameCommunicator to pass paymentProfileID to the IFrames containing webpage so we know which credit cards were added or edited.

Rewrote idea to be clearer.

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Accept Hosted Form formatting

Status: New
by dev-usa on ‎09-13-2017 10:16 AM

AN wants us to drop SIM and move to Accept Hosted.  Well, then give us the tools to format the AH form in the same way that we could in SIM.  This should have been obvious when the decision was made to introduce the new method.  Where's the carrot other than the threat of terminating SIM?  This isn't the way to "Win Friends!"