when creating profile from transaction, make transaction "belong" to that profile

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by on ‎04-24-2017 07:18 AM

I have a scenario where I'm performing an authorization with a payment nonce, then creating a profile from that successful authorization, and later capturing the authorized amount. This is a nice workflow because I only create a payment profile if the authorization succeeds.


But unfortunately, this workflow is not possible because the authorization is not associated with the payment profile, and doesn't show up under its history. In a scenario where we're using a profile for recurring transactions, it's a big deal to us to have the initial payment in the history.


See this thread for more details as to alternatives that are less ideal.



It'd be very helpful if, when I create a profile from a transaction, if that transaction became the initial transaction in the payment profile's history, and I was able to capture it as though it had been issued from that profile.


on ‎10-30-2019 12:17 PM

In other words, they only appear as text, e-mail, or shipping notice after the transaction has been posted to the account, which makes them somewhat useless, as it may take several days after the finalization of the invoice. Get details: https://createapage.wiki/