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How to increase web traffic of my SaaS website?

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by on ‎07-28-2020 07:52 AM

I have a SaaS website SubscriptionFlow which helps users simplify subscription billing with AI-Based subscription software. A flexible customizable recurring billing software can help you to manage your business process with a self-service portal which can be customized according to the needs. 

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Handling subscription can be a hassle if you don't have an automated tool to handle all the work. SubscriptionFlow has made it easy for authorize.net user to handle all the task automatically under one dashboard. Subscription software integration with authorize.net can allow businesses to get their hands on following features.


  • Automatic Recurring Billing
  • Customer Information Manager
  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Account Updater
  • Builtin Invoices


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You must know about how famous the virtual platform Wikipedia is? Did you know that this online encyclopedia is one of the most visited websites in the world? It ranks in the top five platforms in the world if ranked on the basis of web traffic. And you can use it to your advantage as well. You can make your Wikipedia page and use that wiki page to drive traffic directly from the source itself. So, this is how it works. You can provide your web page’s link on your wiki page and through that link many visitors can get directed towards your web page. What other ways are there to attract web traffic to your website?

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Let's say your site’s conversion is 5% at the moment. This means that out of every 100 visitors, only 5 become customers. Increasing the conversion percentage, for example, to 7% will mean that at the same cost after all, optimization will not require significant investments you will receive more revenue.

Using the methods below, tested in practice in well-known online stores, it is easy to obtain an increase in the efficiency of the resource for sales on the network. Checking the effectiveness of each advice is not difficult, but it is optimal to implement them sequentially to check which one will be more effective and how much. So let's get started.

Use only high-quality images

Start by replacing product illustrations, if they were made by an amateur photographer, with better pictures, because the presence of unprofessional images on the site reduces sales.

In the online store, of course, there is no way to feel the goods, and it is the images that play the role of a conductor of these tactile sensations, which in turn increases the indicator of advertising efficiency.

The site should be credible

If your portal or brand is unknown to most buyers, then we’ll be frank - it’s unlikely that any of the visitors will have a special trust in the resource at first sight. And indeed, there will be no basis for trust if the site does not show any signs that the trading platform is reliable.

If we talk about credibility, counting on a Wikipedia page about your business is worth considering. Wikipedia page not only enhance online traffic to your site but also enhance credibility into in. If you do not know how to create one, you can turn to Wikipedia writers for hire.

Answer all significant questions from customers

Naturally, physically unrealistic to answer all the questions of visitors. It is important to provide complete information in the category of issues that is associated with the client’s doubts about the decision. Do not overestimate the knowledge of the buyer. Explain all the details: return policy, cost of goods, delivery terms, and delivery date of the order.

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why blogging community is important?

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by on ‎06-20-2020 02:47 PM
While blogging certainly helps search engines find your content to serve up to the searching public, which is the root of SEO, they go beyond that one strategy. Blogging helps you establish authority, develop a Blogging community like BloggerWlogger, connect with humans, increase social proof of your brand, and more.
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EdbMails MBOX to PST converter

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by on ‎06-13-2020 12:22 AM

EdbMails MBOX to PST converter is a convenient tool to convert MBOX data to Outlook PST and save it to EML, HTML & MHT formats.
It includes plenty of advanced features, which can help you to view all emails along with attachments and export  to Outlook PST.


  • Load the MBOX file and preview messages along with corresponding attachments
    Export the all the mail items to the Outlook PST
    Allows to export selective MBOX items to PST using various filters
  • Supports to save the all the mail items in EML, HTML, and MHT formats
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of Windows OS and Outlook

    Overall, EdbMails MBOX to PST is an efficient email extractor tool. It supports mailboxes of over 30 email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, PocoMail, SeaMonkey, Eudora, Opera Mail, Entourage database, and Gmail takeout backup etc. The application is easy to use and has a simple interface. Users with all levels of knowledge can navigate it with ease.
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Cautation: If you don't love hunting then this idea may not be of your interest. Its been a very long time since I am going on hunt, probably it started with I was only 8 years old and my grandfather had took me with him to hunt deer. That was the first time I went on a hunt and untill then it's been almost 18 years I have been hunting every season, things has been changed a lot back in the days it was hard to find details about eld and turkey hunting but now the things have got even more simpler and now you can find a lot of details about hunting gear like the best crossbows hunting animals and lot more online. But still I saw there is need of a branded hunting site where we can find all the things in one place and that site should be of words where we can trust.

What do you think guys.

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Content is one of the most important marketing technique that can power struck your business in no time. With the help of content marketing, you can achieve a lot and get yourself a huge traffic on the platform. Content is often underestimated. It's considered as the source to deliver the message. Whereas the real essence of content lies in building the personality of your brand. It helps in positioning your business at the top position.


Content Delivery Method

Choosing the right content delivery method can help you accelerate your outcomes and bring out the best benefits from your campaign. You need to opt for innovative techniques like creating an infographics or a vlog. You can also create the explainer video for your brand just to attract more traffic and engagements.


Selecting The Right Platform

The next step is to pick the right platform. You can opt for Wikipedia writer service or hunt down a credible blog to start your content. There are many free sites available of you are not planning to start your own website. You need to be very well planned when it comes to choosing your platform. You have to look for best ways to increase the engagements and to gather the traffic.



The next most important step is to evaluate your content. You can use advanced tools and software that can help you bring a noticeable level of advancements in your campaign performance. If you are going for paid ads you should know how your ads are performing and what changes you may need to increase the outcomes and maximize the reach. So, follow these tips and help your brand reach the highest levels of success. You can do great if you know which way to pursue so plan things accordingly.

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AppClues Studio is one of the top Mobile App Development companies in Southland. We provide user-centric mobile solutions to our clients who are located worldwide. We are known for providing custom-built Mobile App development solutions. We deliver highly functional mobile apps that align with your business and come with all the necessary features and customizations required to excel in your business goal. We, at AppClues Studio, integrate the latest technological expertise and concerted research to provide complete support to our clients.

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Steps to becoming a successful logo designer

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by on ‎04-29-2020 12:12 PM

Being a professional in any field is not something that can be regarded as easy. Everything demands dedication, hard work and perseverance. In order to become a logo designer or to start your own logo designing company there are these steps you need to follow. This is what every good and professional logo designing company does. Take your client’s input and contemplate with them of what the business is all about. Create a logo after researching the client’s competitors and then taking ideas from them create your client’s logo. Check it for any improvements and then deliver it to the client. Were these steps of any help to you?

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AppClues Studio is known as Queensland’s Top Mobile App Development Company. We develop various technology solutions and support them through our unparalleled process. We are highly skilled in developing dynamic and intuitive mobile apps with highly customized features. We are prepared to take any project regardless of its complexity or size. We have the expertise to take any project regardless of its complexity or size. We cover a broad spectrum of mobile app development services to serve all types of businesses in the current competitive market.

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AppClues Studio is known as Quebec City’s top Mobile App Development Company. We are highly skilled in developing dynamic and intuitive mobile apps with highly customized features. We cover all the spectrum of mobile app development services to serve all types of businesses in the current competitive market.

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not sure about this 1<>'"

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by on ‎04-20-2020 02:41 AM

not sure about this 2 <>'"

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Similar to the enhancement thas was made for getCustomerProfileRequest (https://community.developer.authorize.net/t5/Ideas/UnMasked-Expiration-Date-in-Hosted-CIM-s/idi-p/49...), there should be an option to obtain the unmasked expiration date from getTransactionDetails.


This is important, for example in the case when a refund needs to be issued. The refund API expects the expiration date.


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EDB Recovery Software to Recover corrupt EDB File

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by on ‎04-02-2020 06:46 AM

EdbMails Exchange recovery will analyze the Exchange EDB file corruption issues and recover data from inaccessible Exchange EDB file. It's the best software for recovering and converting EDB file to PST File. EdbMails can recover damaged, corrupted Exchange mailboxes, deleted folders / items within mailboxes.


Advantages and Key Features of EDB Recovery Software


-Recovers corrupted, damaged, Dismounted & Offline Exchange EDB files
-Repairs Large size EDB files (> 10 TB file size) and convert it to PST files.
-Allows recovery of EDB file and also export with saving recovered mails in PST, MHT, EMLformat
-Restores EDB Mailbox items like emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Journals & Notes etc.
-Supports MS Exchange Server 2019/ 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003
-Supports for Selective Mailbox / folders Recovery from EDB file
-Recover Exchange Public (Pub.edb) & Private (Priv.edb) Mailbox Folder
-Date and Time based Filtering to restore Exchange emails of certain period recover exchange database
-Maintains Folder Hierarchy of Exchange User Mailboxes during Exchange EDB Recovery
-Directly migrate Offline EDB file mailboxes to Live Exchange server / Office 365


To know more: EDB to PST Converter

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AppClues Studio is a Top Mobile AppDevelopment Agency in Manchester turning mobile concepts into reliable and robust app solutions with outstanding design and user experience. We follow a systematic approach to deliver and launch the quality of mobile apps with a team of expert mobile app developers. We provide mobile app development services to startups as well as enterprises that strive for cost-effective implementation of innovative ideas.

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Do you have a great mobile app idea? Convert it into reality with AppClues Studio. It is one of the top mobile app development company in Halifax. Having experienced team of developers and designers, they develop secure, robust, and powerful apps for your business.

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AppClues Studio is a Top Mobile App Development Company in Chicago. Work with a skilled and dedicated mobile app developer to build a user-friendly and cross-platform mobile application that is robust and has excellent UI. We ensure you are matched with the right talent based on your business requirements. Leverage our mobile development expertise/ services to work better together.


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AppClues Studio - Top Mobile App Development Company in Atlanta, delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions based on user’s requirements and building profit-generating applications. We have the right expertise and skillful resources to deliver result-oriented mobile business applications. Our developer can design intuitive & customized mobile applications. We not only build sustainable mobile app solutions but also help clients boost their brand’s visibility and success worldwide.